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Creative Commons Licences
You are free
  to Share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work
Under the following conditons
  Attribution - You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
Attribute this work
  No Derivative Works - You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
With the understanding that:
  Waiver - Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
  Public Domain - Where the work or any of its elements is in the public domain under applicable law, that status is in no way affected by the license.
  Other Rights
    In no way are any of the following rights affected by the license:
  • The author's moral rights; In addition to the right of licensors to request removal of their name from the work when used in a derivative or collective they don't like, copyright laws in most jurisdictions around the world (with the notable exception of the US except in very limited circumstances) grant creators "moral rights" which may provide some redress if a derivative work represents a "derogatory treatment" of the licensor's work.
  • Rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights. Publicity rights allow individuals to control how their voice, image or likeness is used for commercial purposes in public. If a CC-licensed work includes the voice or image of anyone other than the licensor, a user of the work may need to get permission from those individuals before using the work for commercial purposes.

Notice - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.

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