15-03-2022 15:32 The War in Ukraine and request to ban Russia from our competitions – CIPC Board Position

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you all, on behalf of the CIPC Board, to let you know our current position.
This will be published on our website and Facebook page soon.
We ask that you act according to our decision. 

Mark Dyer  Secretary General CIPC 

Dear CIPC members.
This week the CIPC Board has looked at the request (to ban Russian participation in CIPC events) with our understanding of the current situation. 
With the current situation a majority of members of the CIPC Board support the request.  
As a result of our democratic decision, the CIPC will not, at this time, allow any Russian participation in CIPC events. This is effective immediately.
Should there be a request, in the future, to look at this issue the CIPC Board will do so in the context of information available at that time.
Mark Dyer General Secretary – CIPC